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Why Cats Are Better
Than Women...

(author unknown)

  • You don't have to contend with mothers in law.
  • Cats dont use your credit cards.

  • Cats don't hog the bathroom for hours.

  • Cats don't need a new dress every time they go out.

  • Cats don't have PMS.

  • Cats always look good first thing in the morning.

  • Cats never question your decisions.

  • Cats don't complain about how much you eat or the way you dress.

  • A cat won't scream if it sees a mouse in the house.

  • Cats don't ask "Am I getting fat?" and expect you to lie.

  • Cats don't call the lawyers if you sleep with another cat.

  • Cats dont object to kisses just because you haven't shaved.

  • Cats don't expect expensive presents on their birthday.

  • Cats never make you sleep in the spare bedroom.

And one more version
(plus some more reasons)

  • A cat never asks how they look, and expect you to lie.

  • A cat can't bore you ears off.

  • A happy cat, stays happy.

  • A cat doesn't complain that you're "clingy".

  • A cat has no qualms about living with you.

  • A cat is comparatively low-maintenance.

  • A cat is always cute, no matter what the time of day.

  • It's much easier to make dinner for a cat.

  • A cat doesn't come home bitchy.

  • ... and the number one reason a cat is better then a girlfriend:

  • A cat's parents don't care if it's sharing your bed.


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