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Favourite Cat Toys

Various pet shops offer a very rich variety of cat toys made of latex, vinyl, leather and many more inedible materials. They have the shape of dumbbells, sausages, ladybirds, lollipops, huge balls, peanuts, and even mice. Proud cat owners give them to their pets as presents for birthday, Chrismas and any other possible occasions. The problem is that all the toys have been designed by humans and cats ignore these strange inventions or leave them for their owners to play with.

Thanks God, an average household is full of other toys, which seem to be much more suitable for the purposes of cat entertainment. Let's check it out!


  • Light switcher - you may switch the light on with a single movement of your paw.

  • Clock - you may move hands, stop the pendulum.

  • Lavatory - you may pull the lever and listen to the bubbling noise.

  • Toilet tissue - you may check how much is left.

  • Shower - you may turn the tap with either hot or cold water.

  • Soap - you may push it down the floor to the living room.

  • Dishwasher - you may turn "the full cycle".

  • Broom - you may always eat the brush.

  • Vacuum cleaner - you may empty the bag and watch the dust spread.

  • Fire alarm and bulgrar alarm - you may trigger it off and wait for the police and fire brigade.

  • Dustbin - you may throw the cover down, pour the dinner out and choose something yummie for a snack.

  • Oven - an excellent place to sleep in.

  • Mixer - you may switch it on and observe it spinning.

  • Pillows - you may carry them to another room.

  • Umbrella - you may open it.

  • Hair dryer - you may check where the heat comes from.

  • Telephone - you may take the handset off the receiver hook.

  • Typewriter - you may write a letter.

  • All the house doors - you may open them.

From all these toys, none is so well designed to please a bored cat as a cat owner himself (or herself). What to say? The toy is big, versatile, with elements that move in almost any direction. Moreover, you get it ready to use, and if you jump on it - makes a real lot of interesting sounds and moves.

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