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Kitty Humour - here you will find very funny stuff about cats: how to give your cat a pill, why kittens are better than babies, things you can learn from your cat, favourite cat toys.... and more and more.

Funny Cat Videos - this is just amazing what cats can do!!!

Music Store Cats - cool animations, lots of fun!!!

Cats in a Music Store
www.totalleh.com - click to visit
Coony Loonies!

Poetry Corner - poems for cats and about cats, animal prayers on page 2.

Cat Quotes - page presents some proverbs and quotations from famous cat fanciers.

Short Tales about Cats -  some fairy tales with morals.

Cat Java Applets - you just can't miss my beautiful collection of lake and snow java applets.

ASCI Cats from the Keybord - a collection of cute kitties made using only keybord letters and signs.


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