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Natka is a shotrhair tabby. I adopted her from a little shelter in Autumn 2000. She was about 2 months old. She was very tiny and incredibly calm, but also curious about everything around her. Because I didn't know her date of birth, I decided to "give" her a nice Birthday date and it's 7th of July (07-07). As 7 is often concidered to be a lucky number, I hope it will bring her luck and protect her.
Maybe you're curious what her name, Natka means. Well, there are two meanings. First - it's a character from a kid's book (I can't remember what kind of animal it was...). The second meaning - it's a part of parsley (the green one). But I called her Natka, because I liked the way it sounds. Sometimes, just for fun, I change her name and call her Matka (means - "Mother") or Vatka (cotton)
Even though Natka is rather tiny (3,5 kilo), she has great personality. She can be cute and affectionate as well as independent. She loves to be hugged, but only when we're home alone. When there's more people in the house, she is hanging around but not too close.

Since January 13th 2003 Natka has a company - Myszkin.
Myszkin arrived to our house on January 13th 2003.
Natka and Myszkin fell in love with each other after a few days of being together...
In these pictures you can see my cats (Natka is on the left side) laying together on a sheep skin. It has been her "relic" so far. I never thought Natka would let Myszkin even approach this "sacred item", not to mention lay on it. But surprisingly she did.
Still, Myszkin may use the skin provided there is Natka nearby, which is a big thing! The cats got to like each other very much. At the risk of sounding hiperbolic, I would say they fell in love! Sometimes, they chase and bite each other but when they get drowsy, they like to wash each other (see the pricture below). At the beginning, it was Natka who licked Myszkin's fur but after a couple of weeks he started to return her kindness. It is very nice of him, isn't it?

My youngest baby, Szajka, has arrived to my house in August 2008. She is lovely Calico girl. 

She was born June 2008 in the countryside, her mother was a calico too. Now Szajka is extremly playful and lively. She has put so much fun into our life!

She likes to... lick. Especially my husband's head:)))




ZUZIA 1998 - 2000

Zuzia - my first "own" cat. She was with me over two very happy and wonderful years. On September 16th, Zuzia lost her way home somwhere near Warsaw.
As I learned later, she was attacked by neighbours' dog. Since that time all my cats are, and always will be "inside cats", because...
"Inside cat is a SAFE CAT".



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